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Repairs, Returns & Other Items


We are happy to accept returns and stand behind our product lines 100%. However, all products being returned must first be approved by telephone or email by management at J & H before the customer will receive a credit, refund of funds or replacement of exact (or similar) product. Postage will not be paid by J & H for items a customer claims are defective. Only those items determined to be defective by our staff at J & H will in fact have their return postage covered. All products returned without prior approval from J & H will risk being refused on our end, dissposed of or marked as a clearance item for our discount. The buyer/sender will not be credited without prior consent from J & H.


All airbrush systems are 100% covered for a total of 90 days parts and labor as well as any repairs that need to be done IF the equipment was defective and can be shown as being defective from the factory. A new airbrush system or parts replaced on the system in question will be at the cost of the factory or J & H as needed and pre-determined by management. If the parts are found to be defective due to user error, fees may apply. Shipping will be negotiated at the time of return based upon the concern the buyer has listed. Most times, the purchaser pays the return freight and our office will make the determination for refund shipping costs based on several factors. In the end, we will do all we can to have you up and operating as quickly as possible. If the airbrush is defective from non-user error and came that way from the factory, we will send another as quickly as possible given the immediate need. We state here that if any airbrush system has A) been allowed to dry with paint inside the brush or lines B) any liquid lamination or fast dry laquers C) products containing silicone....have been used in the system at any time, your warranty will be voided instantly. No refunds will be offered though we will do our best to help you schedule a return of your system to the factory for repair, line replacement or complete rebuild. There is a charge for each of these repair services plus shipping costs.


Oops! You used a silicone base paint and now you can't seem to get your system 'unclogged.' We can help. We simply replace the lines for you, clean your system out and it's hopefully as good as new in about 1-2 weeks turn around time. Send your system to us, we'll send it back. You pay both directions, we'll do our best to fix it quickly and return it. We know you need it working. Rush repairs available. Call or contact us by email for details. The charge for the fix is usually $75 - $125 on the high end for repairs. Shipping is $18-25.00 most areas of the USA.


Shucks! I lost my needle tip down the drain! Now, what do you do? Call us or email us. We have every part for your system and can send it to you. Overnight is available but expensive Monday-Thursday before 3pm central time. Our offices are located on the west coast PST. Just let us know and we'll be sure to send one out lickety split. Most parts range in price from $10.00 - $25.00. That includes needles, exterior tips, thumb triggers, brass nose needle cones and so on. If you would like additional bottles, we can do that too.


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