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There are currently no classes schedule for 2015.

Phillip Verry has worked as a special effects make up artist (specializing in face and body painting) and is best known for being 'down to earth' person who shares information as well as some trade secrets with those who are new to the SFX community. For 15 years, Mr. Verry's connections to other professionals has earned him a loyal following of friends in the television industry, theater, haunted houses, as well as many customers seeking both education and products.

Phil's makeup designs have often been featured on local television news spots as Phil shows viewers how to apply makeup properly along with his tip and tricks segments for Halloween makeup, costume ideas and more seasonally. One of Phil's 5 minute face paint creations is now world famous and has been viewed on YouTube and other websites; it has received 56 million times and counting! What to see the video clip that made the makeup famous? Visit Youtube and search the phrase:  Zombie Turtle Boy, I like turtles. Though Phil doesn't teach SFX makeup classes as often these days, you can sign up to be notified when he does offer classes. To receive alerts and invitations for Mr. Verry's makeup classes, send an email with the words MAKEUP CLASSES in the subject line to:

In the meantime, here are a few fun videos you can watch:

Here is what Phil's students had to say about working with him and his assistants:

  • Phil is so modest and helpful. He answers questions and gives you all options as far as techniques,products,or brands. Being in the makeup industry I find that it can be hard to find other artists who are willing to share their secrets or give any advice. They tend to hoard what they know and keep it to themselves. This is not true for Phil, he wants others to become inspired and learn and practice. Not only that, it's a free class! I am very impressed by this and it is very inspiring. I am also very thankful that he repackages and sells smaller quantities. This can be helpful when starting out to create your own starter kit. Thank you for creating a class like this so that people can have somewhere to start whether they are just doing it for one night for Halloween or to build their skill set as an artist.
  • This make up class was great, we learned a lot about all the general stuff we use every Halloween and some stuff we don't use but are going to start using. Phil gave us a lot of details during class and answered all of our questions with detail and explained everything we need to know. I can't wait for the next class to learn more. Thank you so much for doing these classes, they really do help for people like us who love having fun on Halloween!! P.S. Thank you dor the book, I haven't had the chance to read it all the way thru, though I did read some of it at the class and I'm very excited to read it all.
  • Phil and his team were great to work with. Very friendly and hospitable. The quality of workmanship and skill that was provided was incredible and at a very fair price. I would completely recomend their services for anyone looking for anykind of makeup work for any functions you may be attending.
  • This was a refreshingly non-commercial class. Phil is a professional who is honestly willing to share his knowledge about make-up. I'm sure that he wants to sell his products, but there was no pressure to buy anything. He gave out info about all types of products from the cheapest to the highest quality. I enjoyed his class and learned a lot about make-up and prostetics. He is an interesting and genuine person, which made his class wonderful.
  • My spouse and I came to Phil with several ideas in mind for some designs. We had no clue about the products out there that are used for face painting/ body art. Phil made us feel comfortable talking to him, listened to everything we had to say and helped us out tremendously. He really knows his stuff and uses top notch products for his art. We would definitely recommend his services to anyone that is interested in getting painted or airbrushed. Thanks again Phil, you ROCK!
  • Not knowing what exactly to expect having Jekyll & Hyde complete my Halloween make-up this year, I have to say that Phil and his brother Ron did a fantastic job in transforming me into a demon at the last moment. I received a lot of compliments and scared more than a few children during Trick or Treat this year. 
    It was a pleasure to work with Phil and Ron, they were very receptive to my input and I felt very comfortable in allowing them full artistic control in creating my mask this year. I look forward to working with them in the future on my FX make-up needs, and would highly recommend their services.
  • The make over was about an hour and a half. I don't know why the actors complain about sitting in make up, mine was like getting a facial. Very plesant experience from beginning to end. When I finally got to see the end product, I was amazed. I had a blast running around town doing last minute errands before going to the Halloween party. Everyone wanted to take my picture. I was definately the hit of the party. It was worth every penny and more! I would do it again in a heartbeat! Thanks guys, you did an awesome job.
  • Phillip & Dawn were great!! Very informational and helpful...Lots of great tips and looking so forward to Halloween to try out things that I learned!!! Cannot wait for the class on Monday!!!
  • This man can pant.. he is the best I have ever seen!! Everone should book Him for there next event!
  • I've had the honor to watch Phil do his magic transformation on several occasions.He is very professional and respectful and takes time to get it just right. From full body painting to small children every time I'm amazed at his ability to do what he does. Keep up the good work Phil your amazing!!
  • I was able to turn to Phil in a tight situation. I was auditionng for America's got Talent and needed him to create two scary Halloween monsters in the last minute. He was VERY helpful...VERY flexible...and VERY creative. I have been airbrushed many times as an actor and can honestly say I was delighted with the way our makeup turned out. Though our act was short lived in the competition *couldn't get two sentences in before the buzzers...LOL* I would work with Phil again in a heartbeat.
  • I have had the wonderful experience of working and being painted with Phil. He is such a wonderful person. I had the pleasure of meeting Phil 3 years ago at Scream At The Beach. Started off with some computer problems ( Phil was able to fix ) from then on I had a friend for life. As time went on I had Phil do some make up work for me to help with the show at Scream at the Beach. He did such a wonderful job that when I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror scared myself wondering who that was .LOL.. it was just me. Phil had called me one evening to help him in a private home to make up a lady for mardi gras. She turned out amazing and could not praise him enough for the job he had done. Myself I was pretty inpressed with his abilities. Although I know he is an extremely talented man his skills impress me everytime I see some work he has done. 
    If I ever have a party and need some face/body/tatoos or anything I will be calling on Phil. ( he has to come to Arkansas to do this). LOL..
    Your very talented and a special person Phil I am very proud to have you as a friend and mentor.
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