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The Transformation Station™

The Transformation Station™
The Transformation Station™ The Transformation Station™ The Transformation Station™ The Transformation Station™ The Transformation Station™ The Transformation Station™ The Transformation Station™ The Transformation Station™ The Transformation Station™ The Transformation Station™ The Transformation Station™ The Transformation Station™ The Transformation Station™ The Transformation Station™ The Transformation Station™ The Transformation Station™ The Transformation Station™ The Transformation Station™ The Transformation Station™ The Transformation Station™ The Transformation Station™
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"The Transformation Station" is a state of the art, airbrush system designed to be portable, offer quick color changes, use very little air pressure while delivering flawless airbrush coverage that our competitors can't match! The Transformation Station is designed for both the seasoned professional and novice airbrush artists to be easy to use and fast to learn. Weather you're an artist on the go or someone who works in a production environment where the bottom line is speed, accuracy and money saved, we think you'll be happy with the purchase of your new system. Airbrush Special FX face and body painter Phillip Verry, was the first person to use the system for airbrush face and body painting as well as temporary airbrush tattoos. In this way, he became a pioneer. As an original tester for the design team, he still believes in the power and versatility of The Transformation Staiton. Below are some clips of the system at work: 

Without a doubt, this fun tool will increase your creativity and profits if you're operating a business that depends on it. The Transformation Station is one of the best investments you'll make in offering you a wonderful way to expess your creativity and do it with a quality made instrument. Ideal for industries where reliability and speed equal money, The Transformation Station has helped the industries listed below by transforming the way in which they used to appoach their airbrushing :

  • Special FX Makeup Artists
  • Auto Body Painters & Detailers
  • Temporary Tattoo Vendors
  • Cake Decorators
  • Spray Tanning
  • Makeup Artists (Glamour & Wedding)
  • T-Shirt Artists
  • Mural Painters
  • Miniature Model Painters
  • Face & Body Painters
  • Furniture & Cabinetry Stain & Finishers
  • Sculpters (Thin Resins, Sealers & Glazes)
  • Puppet & Mascot Fabricators
  • Television & Film Makeup Artists
  • Stencil Artist
  • Nail Salon Technicians
  • Leather Dying & Tanning
  • Glass Etching
  • Pottery Glazing
  • Spray Lubrication
  • Ceramic Painting
  • Scrap Booking
  • Musical Instrument Customization & Construction
  • Stencil Art
  • Sign Painting
  • Flavored Eatable Oils
  • Window Painting
  • Waterproofing Spray
  • and still, we get letters from new customers every month or so who find new areas to use their system. Incredible!

You can see, The Transformation Station system has revolutionized the airbrush industry for easy, portability and quick color changes! Turning a dial to change the color you're spraying is a revolution! Unheard of before this system! Only with this airbrush system will you no longer be wasting time, money and sprayable products down your drain or in the trash. We save most of that product. Less cleaning your gun after after project means less product loss from purging products out of your airguns, your cleaning jars not to mention the time you lose doing it. Get smart! If you are a hobbiest just entering the market, this is a no brainer! Who wants to carry around 20-30 paint bottles, clean and cap the bottles, change the paint, mix the colors? A novice could agree! A seasoned professional should know better. They see:  SPEED, VERSATILITY, RELIABILITY & PORTABILITY all with this purchase. Consider The Transformation Station! It can be in your hands within a few days! Working more while you work less!

The attached airbrush has been manufactured to be matching the quality of one of the world' most popular airbrush, the Iwatta Eclipse. Users of the Iwatta Eclipse and purchasers of The Transformation Station have responded by saying The Transformation Station airbruh feels as good or better than the Iwatta Eclipse. In truth, the airbrush with your Transformation Station even has an added feature the Iwatta Eclipse does not. We added a needle limiter thumb screw at the back of the airbrush. This allows you to adjust the depth of the needle and trigger combination for micro fine spraying. An important feature. 


 The system can switch colors faster if you thin your paint slightly. Speed of color changes is faster this way. We don't suggest you thin the media so much it's ineffective, but temporary tattoo paints can be thinned with rubbing alcohol (70 proof) to about 25% alcohol added. Colors change quicker and guests are happier they don't have to wait in line as long. Note: thinning product down will impact the longevity.

PHOTOS:  All photos shown were created using The Transformation Station. Thin lines and details were accented with regular paint brushes. Note how smoothly the airbrush covers the skin's surface, gentle blending of gradient colors. 

Because The Transformation Station is an air tight, sealed loop, you don't need to empty your paint bottles daily, not weekly and some customers report they don't empty their bottles for several months between cleaning. Even the airbrush is connected to the air tight system therefore the same logic applies. Imagine the volume of paint this will save you from being washed away during routine cleanings. Imagine the added savings daily, weekly or monthly!

PROPER CLEANING:  When you do want to clean the system, simply cover the tip of the airbrush's output with a common eraser, depress the airbrush paint trigger and the paint will blow backwards, down the (see through) paint carrier tubes and back into the bottle it came from. Remove the bottle and put the lid on it, save it for another session. Conclude by attaching a clean bottle filled with the 'relative' cleaning fluid (water for water base paints / mineral spirits for oil base paints) and spray for a few seconds out of the tip of the gun until the paint lines are each clean. (About 5-15 seconds each) Unscrew the tip of the airbrush & needle and rinse if needed. Replace and store entire system. Done! (We do not recommend leaving any solution in the system that hardens if it dries such as liquid lamination, resins. We also suggest you avoid spraying silicone based products.)

Your system can be packed and ready for travel across the country or across the room in about 30 seconds! To prove it, we've listed the steps here:

  1. Turn the air pressure knob to release air within the system.
  2. Unplug the inbound air hose, a simple push and pull release.
  3. Put the system as it is, (filled with paint) into a carry case. Done!

Unlike most complicated airbrush systems, The Transformation Station makes work and life easier ~ not harder!  ONE AIRBRUSH replaces many. No more expensive manifolds, multiple air hoses, endless bottles & endless cleaning after use. The Transformation Station can be carried over your shoulder with a strap similar to a comfortable laptop bag (or) simply hang it form the built-in hook. You can also get creative and mount the system inside a briefcase, run the air hose in and the paint hoses out and it's now portable and easier to move than ever! Virtually invisible! Keep extra paint and supplies inside. You can even run the system without an air compressor! Simply hook the air line to canned air and a regulator or C02 tank. This is great for airbrushing when 110 AC power is not available. Great for temporary tattoo artist, face painters and others who need extreme, fast portability! As an added bonus, this system will not leak paint when not hooked-up to air pressure however, we suggest you DO NOT lay the system on it's side even during transport. The air inlet holes in the top of each bottle cap can clog. Keep your system upright at all times.

  • PSI RATING: 6 and 28 maximum.
  • COLOR SPECTRUM:  9 colors plus, side by side internal color mixing for a total of 18 combinations/colors. (Less if you use the 9th bottle for clear cleaning fluid)
  • YOUR AIRBRUSH IS INCLUDED: The airbrush is included. Each Transformation Station comes with airbrush, 9 bottles, body of the unit and all hoses. The quality of the airbrush is like that of Iwatta Eclipse, the most popular airbrush today! Our version even has an adjustable needle for micro adjustments on the thumb chuck screw on the rear of the airbrush. This airbrush is of excellent craftsman ship, quality and contains stainless steel parts throughout. The airbrush is permanently connected to The Transformation Station and cannot be removed. The previous design of The Transformation Station does have a removeable brush, if you wish to have that model, please let us know - otherwise, we ship our latest model standardly.
  • PAINT DRIPS & SPILLS:  If you have ever used a siphon fed airbrush (gravity fed cup/drip style or a container attached to the bottom of the airbrush) you know that it's easy to spill paint all over yourself, your project and your customer. (Especially if you're a temporary tattoo artist or body painter.) That being said, all bottles are each tightly screwed to the under body of The Transformation Station and therefore there is no further risk of spilled bottles, leaking bottles, connections or similar. Risk - solved
  • SPIRAL CORD GUIDE: The flexible, spiral cord guide keeps your paint delivery lines organized and tidy yet flexible and back out of the way of your work area. Both cord guide and delivery lines are very flexible and easily spiraled when packing and moving the system too.
  • ADDITIONAL BOTTLES: Each The Transformation Station comes shipped with 9 bottles. Extra bottles are available for purchase. We suggest ordering 9-15 aditional bottles if you use a wide range of colors in your artwork, we say this because you can swap bottles quickly with new product as well as having cleaning fluid instantly ready to use when needed. Additional bottles are also nice to mix your own custom colors or use to backflush the system's paint into when cleaning and storing when not in use.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We no longer offer the removable airbrush system on any Transformation Station. We offer only (1) one system and it ships with airbrush permanently attached. We have found this is the preferred method once users have experienced our airbrush.


The flat rate shipping price is for shipping inside the US borders. We DO ship worldwide but request you allow us to input your address and then we will provide you with a price quote. Most systems for worldwide shipping seem to be around $100.00 USD give or take a little.  


  • Anything with silicone in the mix in a reasonably heavy amount should be avoided (ShowOffs face/body paint will ruin/clog your system.)
  • Fast drying or slow drying liquid laminates.

​PRODUCTS WE DON'T RECOMMEND YOU SPRAY: (But some customers still successfully spray when proper guidelines follow)

  • Some success and some failures using fast drying clear cloats for vehicles. We don't recommend it.
  • Some fast drying shellacs for furniture/wood ceiling and floor sealers. They can often be sprayed but you must attach a clean bottle of the cleaning fluid of your choice and purse the system completely, then your system will work fine. Be sure to clean the tip and trigger especially well. We recommend unscewing the tip, removing the needle and sitting it in your cleaning solution or a spray through application.

​Still have quesitons? Call our offices at: 360-772-3834.

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