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Super Quiet Air Compressor

Super Quiet Air Compressor
Super Quiet Air Compressor
Brand: Jekyll & Hyde Productions
Product Code: 20-A Air Compressor
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Price: $650.00
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This Super Quiet air compressor is whisper quiet. We mean VERY quiet. In fact, we gaurantee it's operation to be so quiet while operating you could literally place it next to your bed and sleep while it's operating at full speed! We're not joking! For anyone who has ever operated other air compressors, they are loud, annoying and you could never use your compressor in a public place without upsetting people.

The compressor was designed and built in Italy and is noteably amoung the world's finest compressors built today. The company that manufactuer's this compressor for Jekyll & Hyde's clients are the same manufactuer that build the exact compressors used in hospitals for operating rooms tools, dentists' offices, scientific laboratories and other businesses that require a quiet, calm working environment. You won't be sorry you purchased this compressor - you will only be sorry if you don't.

Customer Testimonial:

"As a special effects makeup aritst and face painter I can tell you that I have owned my compressor made by this same company for just under 20 years. I have hauled it in and out of my car well over 3,000 times over the years for fairs, festivals, competitions, into homes, offices, parks, onto boats, onto air planes and have NEVER been nervous when I flip the power switch because of it's bullet proof durability. I have even dropped my compressor once from the top of a flight of 4 stairs on a customer's porch one afternoon and it ran like new when I got to my next event 2 hours later. I have worked in the middle of malls with my compressor and had customer's ask me where my air is coming from because they didn't hear any compressor. Most assume I'm operating with canned air cylinders! The only maintenance I've ever done is change the oil. That's it! When and if this one dies, I'm buying another, I'd be dumb not to! Now, I only carry this brand exclusively for my customers because I want the best and I can personally recommend it."

Phillip (Dr. Jekyll)

Founder of Jekyll & Hyde Productions 


1/5 HP, 0.4 GAL. TANK


55-85 PSI Op-Pressure

Shipping Weight: 43 lb

Please note:  You do NOT need this airbrush compressor to operate 'The Transformation Station' you can use any compressor that sends 28 psi or around that much. Shipping outside the US will require a price quote but we'd be happy to ship it anywhere in the world.

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